Darn Fences….my one weakness

Seriously, obstacles are my one pet peeve in video games. So many hours wasted on Mako missions in Mass Effect, because I was too proud to go around the damn mountain. I will win Mountain!

My Mako experience in a nutshell
My Mako experience in a nutshell (Drawing credit of course goes to whoever made this fabulous picture, which was not me)

No, I cannot. (I feel like that’s Kaidan or Liara in there. Wrex would probably agree and let me nuke the mountain and pave a street)This mountain has posed a challenge, and I, Shepard, must not show weakness. Sometimes it felt like trying to find the alternate route was more tedious than the actual mountain skidding.

In one of my favorite games, Tales of Symphonia, so many trivial and lengthy puzzles could have been avoided…if the characters actually tried to go around obstacles. One of the most annoying instances was towards the end (if my memory serves me right, which it doesn’t) in the Ymir forest.

At the end of the forest in the elf village, Heimdall, which is blocked by a crying elf child. Now, I don’t hate kids or anything but it’s not like the kid is going to rat you out or impede your journey. But, Lloyd and crew cannot forsake a crying child and must obtain a special fruit for him. Which when you find it, falls into the pond, less than 6 inches from you and apparently you can’t reach it….No no, we don’t need magic to get it out or anyone with normal sized arms. Or the girl who can fly. Or…anyone who knew how to swim. No. The best way to get the fruit out of the water is to piss off the little boars, get them to run into trees so they can knock jumbo bugs into the water so they create ripples and distract the huge fish lurking downstream so the little fish can push the fruit safely to the other side of the forest so you can finally pick it up. (how the little fish know to do this? nobody knows but who cares because it worked.)

Best Plan Ever.

Seriously, this is what we had to do...Personally, I would have preferred stabbing it with my sword but no...stabbing is bad, even when it's fruit.
Seriously, this is what we had to do…Personally, I would have preferred stabbing it with my sword but no…stabbing is bad, even when it’s fruit.

Whoa…went on a tangent there. (Stay on target)

Yesterday, Lily came over to visit. She recently finished Dragon Age II (now I don’t have to hold back on spoilers anymore), so we fired up Inquisition. Problem is she has a PS3 and I have an Xbox 360. I know I always have troubles switching between consoles (my brother has the PS4 D:), so most times when she comes over I help with the fighting.

But the real joy comes from watching her reactions, like when a character reveals a secret or a huge plot point was dropped. Really wished my camera was working when she played through DAO. I think my favorite part was when we encountered Connor in Redcliffe.

Anyways, I took a video of her playing, she managed to get the Inquisitor stuck XD (which I have also done on occasion >_>). As the saying goes, the curiosity killed the cat,or more like curiosity got the cat stuck in a pipe.

Can you imagine what the characters would be saying?

Pilgrim 1: Hey isn’t that the Herald of Andraste?

Pilgrim 2: You mean the one who survived the blast that destroyed the entire conclave and fixed the hole in the sky?

Pilgrim 1: Yea…She’s been stuck in there for the past 15 minutes.

*watch as the Inquisitor repeatedly tries a running jump only to fall on her butt)

Pilgrim 1: There’s a gate right over there….

Pilgrim 2: Give her time.

Pilgrim 1: Should we tell her?

*Inquisitor starts banging on the fence with her staff. Then gets an idea to use her staff as a pole vault*

Pilgrim 1: That’s not going to work.

Pilgrim 2: To lack faith in the Herald is to lack faith in the Maker-

*trips and staff smacks into her face.*

Pilgrim 1:….

Pilgrim 2:….

Pilgrim 1: You were saying?

Pilgrim 2: Maker save us….we’re doomed.


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