Hello world!

Good day to all. I’m new to this whole blogging thing, it is a thing apparently, and hopefully it isn’t too late for this dog to learn some new tricks. Really I want to this blog to bring together all the things that I love, including but not limited to: friends/family, animals (so cute ^w^), books, games and crochet.

The quote I chose was from one of my favorite characters from the Mass Effect game series. Like always, Garrus speaks from truth, it is always easier, and seemingly human nature to lump things into either THIS or THAT. When lines blur, what is to say what is right or wrong anymore.

If you have not played it, you should! It sucks when there is no one to share your fandoms with, so lonely when no one gets your references or jokes. When my good friend, Lily, got a playstation 3, I bought her the Mass Effect Trilogy. Needless to say, the conversion was successful U-U

So far, she is the only one I have to share my love, joy, and anguish over the Mass Effect and now Dragon Age universes. So here’s to you Lily and to all the other Bioware fans! ^_^


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