Forecasting with a Trend

On February 3rd, I attended a poetry workshop by the poet Pedro Enrique. Supposedly, the poems of the people who attended would be published in an anthology magazine of sorts. Going through my notebook, I found the poem I had worked on. It was the first poem I produced in a while (we still hadn’t started the poetry section in my writing class). It was strange, really. When I first began writing, it was mostly poems or a short burst of thoughts. As I began writing longer and longer pieces, it felt more difficult to express myself poetically (if any of that made sense).

Well the exercise was simple enough, look at a picture and write a poem. The picture we received was a small card that was red on one half and blue on the other separated with a line black line. I tried to search for the image, what I got were a bunch of American themed snacks and pictures and Pokemon.

Here is what I wrote:

Fire and ice

melting, melding

soft waves rising

against the burning sky

Spirit of Water

lost amongst the

black lines of Solitude

under the harsh, red glow

lost, alone, abandoned

forever drifting away

sinking, deeper and deeper


until the blue fades away

cold, distant

darkness enveloping

the Sky is red

So red

underneath the frozen Sea

So yea….apparently most of my poems are about abandonment (thanks dad).  Reading this again made me remember another poem I wrote in high school called the Lonely Island.

The lonely island

Left in a sea of despair

Among the archipelago of desire

Cast aside amid the waves

The salt of the sea spat on her face

The bitterness and misery of the lost

The endless days

Endless nights

Not even the stars

Would care to say goodnight

Alas who does she have?

The Sun?

The scorching companion

Send his rippling heat across her body

Her skin dry and grainy

Her lips parched


She could not count on the Sun

The Moon?

In all its silent glory

Ignoring her existence

Calmly enthused with her own reflection.


she could not count on

The Narcissus of the night sky

So far

Out in the sea

No birds greet her

Neither does she have shade

Of even the smallest degree

To shield her from the Sun’s furious glare

Barren and desolate

She cries to herself

Who would make one such as me?

The waves eat away

At her fragile body

Scorning at her pain

Whiteness comes into her view

A cloud has stopped by

Giving her shelter


Yet no one wants to see

Her happiness fulfilled

The Wind

blows away her last refuge

She quakes in sadness

In anger

Anger at life

Anger at everyone

Who treats her like nothing

The melancholic weight


Her sandy heart


One as low as she

A lonely island

Far from everyone

Yet near so much

What purpose can I fill?

No one answered

No one ever does

The Clouds waved lazily

As they passed by

Never staying long

The island sank deeper

Into her loneliness

Are you sensing the trend here? I have so many poems for my teenage years that make me cringe, but I can’t throw them away. The words were apart of me, a me from the past, and even though I didn’t like that past me (way too depressing, I traded depressing for sarcastic -_-), it is nice to know that she was there and she did something (even if it sucked).

Anyways! There are only 6 days until NaNoWriMo! So excited, this is gonna be my year (hopefully). I’m still not at the 1667 word per day benchmark (I’m more around 400 words per day ugh), but here’s to hoping I shape out this week.

Good luck to the rest of the Wrimos!


If you’re wondering about the title, its a section from my Operations and Supply Chain Management Class. It seemed straight forward enough, and I still got it wrong. Guess it reminds me of poetry, or maybe just writing in general; I think I’m doing everything right, but turns out I’m on the brink of crashing and burning (so much for optimism).


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