Challenge Excepted

Wow, okay so yesterday was the start of NaNoWriMo! It was interesting, albeit a tad frustrating. I knew that I had to hit the 1667 words a day mark, if not I was just going to fall way behind (again). So, I began writing and I was feeling pretty good, that is until I checked my word count: 455. Okay, okay no biggie. I push on and I find myself checking my word count every few minutes. I stopped at about 800-something, barely half way done. Then life called, getting my niblings off to bed and cleaning the kitchen, etc.

When I sat back in front of my laptop, suddenly it felt like I was stuck in a loop of diminishing return, I would type like crazy but nothing happen, word count wise that is, not story wise (my boys were kicking butt). But I did finish, and before midnight (yay!).

I made some interesting discoveries about my characters during the process in way my short writing bursts probably would have never considered. If I stick this out (can anyone say procrastination?), I wonder what other stories my character will tell.

If you’re ever stuck, I find that jolting down my goals for that scene works. Like, I want Person A to go to this destination, then I list the conflicts and when the other characters pop in. Sometimes I just write conversations with myself. I know that might sound weird but it works, well at least for me. I’ll write my outline, then I’ll ask myself why does A want to go there, what purpose will be fulfilled, is this scene necessary, and things like that. I have pages upon pages of me arguing with…me. It especially helps for revealing plot holes.

If you have any other ways to fight writer’s block, please let me know ^_^ sometimes even I don’t want to talk to myself (I can get very annoying D:)


4 thoughts on “Challenge Excepted

  1. This may not work for everyone but I know I once wrote 2,000 in a very short period of time because I had a focus of items on a table in front of me. Ie an old photo, a stone, a blue sock, a torn envelope, and many more things like stuff and simply wrote as if they were conversing with me about their issues and I was replying to them from my perspective . I wont give you an example but just like you conversing or arguing with me it was the same principle only surprisingly expansive. cheers! I sometimes wish I was still with a writers group. The encouragement is priceless.


    • Wow! Thanks Faye! I’m going to have to try that soon 😀
      I also miss having a writing circle in my writing classes. It was so great to get together with others who shared the same dreams as you did and help each other along.


    • I actually write more during school. I guess it is because at home there are way more distractions, like surfing the web or reorganizing my room for the umpteenth time. Also, I don’t like to carry my laptop around, so I use pen and paper, it is easier to eliminate those distractions but bad for paying attention in class D:

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