I found this marvelous word searching for a name for my sites. It is a Persian word that means “the chattering of teeth from the cold or from rage.” It reminds me of tears, how people cry when angry, sad, or happy.

My first choice was a word that I stumbled across several months ago, it started with a “w” and meant a love for wandering in the woods (something like wisteria). I never wrote down the word and when I searched for it all I found were song lyrics. Disappointed I went decided to use my favorite word: Phantasmagoria. I just love it! It just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Alas, that was taken as well. I spent a solid 20-25 minutes looking up cool and unusual words (instead of writing) and every one was taken. Then I found this site: http://mentalfloss.com/article/28315/15-wonderful-words-no-english-equivalent

Some are so cool like Yuputka or Pana no’o. If you want to know what they mean, click on the link :3

One of my flaws is that I am always drawn in by research. Every time I settle down to write, either I get called away or (mostly likely) I will spend hours researching locations, the mating patterns of bees, planet cycles, viking history and culture and horse care (to name a few recent ones). I’ll look at the clock and exclaim, “where has the time gone? I’ve only written five words.” I know that research is important but at times I feel like people wouldn’t really care if I got something wrong.

That was until my friend looked up the actual moon cycles of 1993 to prove when Remus Lupin actually would have transformed. So, yea…I need to get my facts straight.

Last semester, I had a short story assignment. While most people did the minimum require 3 pages, my story was about 9 (it was double-spaced). It was under the 7500 word limit on short stories, I had argued. When the story was returned, my professor explained that I need to expand on a few things like world building and rule setting. I did this and the story blew up from 5000 words to over 11,000.

I was a lot happier with this new version but now my story was stuck in the limbo that was a novelette; too long for a short story but too short for a novella. That was the longest I’ve ever written (not including my current NaNo novel). I keep telling myself I’ll send it to some publisher or editor but I probably won’t.

That same friend (from the earlier section) called me out on my story’s premise that it wasn’t historically sound (hint it’s about Vikings). I panicked. How did I miss such a vital detail, for it was the entire premise of the story. While we talked, I was revising the story in my head, trying to see how I can keep from scrapping most of it. She sent me some very helpful articles, but it turns out I wasn’t far off the point (yay).

Research is fun and a great conversation starter: Have you ever heard of a Tardigrade?

I spoke with one of my nieces yesterday about how she wanted to become an animal biologist. That’s great, I told her. My brother (her father) mentioned how he didn’t like animals with more than four legs, that they weren’t cute.

Automatically, I shout, Water Bears!

This literally led to a half hour discussion on water bears (Tardigrades). Yep, science is awesome.

For those of you who’ve never seen one, here is the majestic Tardigrade:

Isn’t it adorable? My niece decided it should be a new Pokemon.

To me it looks like a cross of a Geth and an Air Bison or even an Elcor. It would still make an amazing plushie. Maybe when I have time (and finished my first book), I’ll make one.

I already planned to crochet my main characters once I’ve written their stories. I would love to cuddle my babies even after I’ve dragged them through hell. It’s the destination that counts, right? (shh, don’t tell them the truth)

If I lost you during this post, this is my basic thought process. To me, this topics flowed well, because while writing one section, I went aha! that happened as well. So sorry for the confusion, I’ll try to filter my thoughts more.

Oh, NaNo update. So, today was the first complete week of NaNoWriMo. I’m so behind. I tried to sit in the library and write yesterday, yet I got paranoid when people passed behind me, like they were judging my writing. It’s silly I know, but it’s a reaction I can’t help. That is one of the reasons why I don’t like to write in public.

Also, I’ve hit a wall. I’ve been making steady progress but now I’m behind over 2000 words (no worries?). I wrote everything that I had planned so far (I actually wrote another subplot in without meaning to). I had outlined A and C and D but what about B? I have no freaking clue, so instead of buckling down and tackling it head on, I’m blogging.


I guess the best thing to do, is to just do it. Now, if only I could use the word zhaghzhagh in my story….


2 thoughts on “Zhaghzhagh

  1. I’d double check to see if you are at the pace that is acceptable to wherever you are using the piece for. Does the piece go too fast (sometimes noticeable through too much action and dialogue) or too slow (sometimes noticeable through setting, interiority, description, background)? Some markets don’t care, while others do.

    Does everything in the story relevant to the plot or drive the conflict forward?

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