Dumb Mistakes

In my last post, I mentioned Mistakes 1-3. This was an issue I ran into when I began crocheting. The following images are based on Bonita Patterns’ Crocodile Stitch Slouchy Beret. My skills cannot do the actual beret justice.

Let’s move onto the exhibits, shall we? Exhibit A: Mistake 1a and 1b.

Now, in patterns the recommended yarn weight and hook size are given. I tried to go the cheap route because sport weight yarn is so much more expensive than the worsted weight yarn I can get from Wal-Mart.

See where this is going?

The red was my first unfortunate mistake. The yarn actually ripped when I tried to close the hole. Twice. I had to sew it close. I might put a button on it to cover the weird marks.

Overall, it’s shape is weird and it is very heavy (for a hat). On the plus side, the color is pretty?

Yea…let’s go with that.

On to the second mistake!

This came out better than my first attempt. The yarn was listed as worsted, but it was so soft and shiny. I bought it anyways and here is the result.


I love the color because it makes me feel like a dragon >:3 but it’s also misshapen. I found that this yarn works best with simple berets. I’ve also used the yarn to make little kid’s hats. Unfortunately, I have none to show, for those were the first to be sold, and my shiny yarn stash has dwindled to almost nothing.

Thus, unto my most current attempt.


This one is the closest to my ideal but no cigar. Also from Wal-Mart, (not that I hate Wal-Mart, they just lack the variety that I need) is this Baby Sport Yarn. I thought it would work seeing as it is sport weight, yet what happened?

I guess it isn’t the yarn but my own inadequate skills.

Perchance I’ll make another attempt with my Mulberry Brava Sport Yarn.

I’ve learned my lesson. While it might be fine to change yarn weights for let’s say amigurumi, but when it comes to apparel, it’s best to follow the instructions.






2 thoughts on “Dumb Mistakes

  1. Love what you did with your mistakes. every one reminded me of the intricate images of our brains. The wonderful colours and the spontaneous life of the finished product. Don’t sell your self short. The finished products have their own unique beauty. I bet the children loved them. Its in the learning and the mistakes that comes experience and better .I love reading your blogs. Creativity in ALL forms inspires me too. (‘llI take a picture of the big mistake my daughter made in a pottery class . The pot today years later is a family treasure.)

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