It’s that time again…

I’m very bad at finishing projects. I still have all my beads and supplies for when I used to make key chains in middle school (all that stuff is in a box somewhere at my parents’ house). Even after giving more than half away, I still have so many beads.

Basically something like this. I didn’t make this one though, all of mine are at my parents’ house.

I have boxes of unfinished crochet projects, cross-stitching, and earrings.

Maybe because I get bored easily?

Well for crochet, sometimes it’s because I get tired of seeing the same color. Most times, it’s because when making amigurumi (crochet dolls/toys), my hands cramp. Those types of projects require tight stitching to ensure that the stuffing won’t fall out. I remember I got calluses for crocheting three hours in a row…not making that mistake again.

So, I took up cross-stitching. It’s fun, easy on the hands, but takes a while.

As for earrings, it’s fun and quick. I can churn out a few pairs in half an hour. But my real joy comes from crochet.

I find that the closer Christmas comes, the more anxious I become. I will not have enough time to make everyone’s presents. I always say I’m going to start early in the year in order to give everyone at least something.

Yea, that never happens. Maybe that should be my New Year’s Resolution, to actually prepare ahead of time.

So far, these are the projects I want to finish for Christmas.

The first one is supposed to be a Macaw. My mother used to have a Paulie (from the movie) doll that would greet people when they came to our place. I think it broke, she had that thing forever. She loves parrots, so I figured why not make a fake one? No poop to clean (birds poop way too much), or maintenance of any kind. Basically, it’s going to be a place holder until I can buy her a real parrot. Don’t worry, it will be legal.

The second is Toadette for one of my nieces. She recently got into Mario at school. Two years ago it was Sonic, which I made for her birthday. This year, she’s into Pokémon as well (totally not my fault) and I made her a Snivy.

The third is a Leafeon, one favorite Pokémon of my best friend. He is still unfinished since last year…I’m that bad. Really the only things he needs are eyes and some accents, yet he is still unfinished…

The last two are of a cat plushie for my other best friend who moved to Colorado. She was unable to take her cat with her, so hopefully this will cheer her up.

For my nephew, I’m attempting to make a Great White Shark. Literally, all he talks about are sharks, robots, and cars. His favorite story is Goldifish and the 3 Sharks, which I have to tell him every night much to his sister’s dislike.

Yet, that still leaves my other nieces and nephew who are 13, 10, and 9 (too old for dolls?), my brothers, my sister-in-laws, my dad, my other friends, and so many others.

I like making gifts when I can, I feel they are more personal then just buying a gift, yet so many presents make my head spin.

Seriously, I have to start earlier to avoid all this anxiety.





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