I took an unintended two week break from writing. I believed that during my time off I would break my fingers from writing…but nothing. Soon I’ll return back to school and I’m trying to not burn out again (sigh).

I was so inspired after visiting my mother’s new home in Florida. It’s beautiful and while not quite the countryside there is a lot of peace and quiet and animals ^_^

Two of my mother’s neighbors have roosters and I’ve learned a few facts during my visit.

1-Roosters aren’t that loud. I feared that their crows would have me falling out of bed. It’s actually a bit soothing. When I’m home alone, it feels nice to know the world is going on around me.

2-Roosters don’t always crow at dawn. In fact, they like to do it all day long. Sometimes the two (one from each neighbor) will carry on a conversation. One will crow and the other will respond. They can go on for about half and hour just doing that.

It took us three days of wondering up and down the streets near my mother’s home, but we found this lovely little road that my uncle likes to call “Marmolejo” after a place from the Dominican Republic. While I myself have never seen Marmolejo, ¬†(remember, j’s sound like h’s in Spanish ^-^) the road was still cool.


We even found two lakes near the house. My mother wasn’t so thrilled about that since she doesn’t like to live near water but had to admit it was pretty. Even my niece (soon to be 11) enjoyed the walk, but after the first day she was back to carrying her tablet (foiled again :/)

Oh! Did I mention the peafowl? They are beautiful and roaming about.

We tried to count them all. What started as two males and a female turned out to be like 5-6 males and two females. I tried to convince my mother to buy one. She says when I move back, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

The change in scenery helped boost my word ¬†counts in December but in January they have been lagging. I believe this is the third time I’ve sat down to write. I hope to keep all these new experiences with me and can’t wait to finally finish school and come home.

Do you have a place that you would like to revisit and why?