Time to hit those books!

Alright! Good day everyone! I’m super hyped about this year, so many plans and projects I have envisioned for this year (crossing my fingers that it doesn’t blow up in my face ^^;)

Ever since graduating high school I noticed my reading time declined significantly. If I can finish a book every couple of months I was happy. But I say no more! Most times, I was reading 2-3 books a year (egad!)

(I haven’t had sugar this time, I swear)



On the Goodreads app (which I highly recommend. It’s basically a website to track books you’ve read, want to read, or are reading. It’s pretty neat.) or goodreads.com, you can set an annual reading goal. I set the goal of reading 10 books this year (not so bad). A classmate of mine saw this and agreed to the challenge. Then I found this:


I hereby issue this challenge. I’ve already have a few books lined up that meet the criteria and roped a few buddies into accepting >:3

Yet, I still haven’t found an intimidating book…unless my accounting text book counts?

If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears (or eyes? I’m not sure how sayings work when reading actually).

Happy reading everyone.



One thought on “Time to hit those books!

  1. I like this challenge. I have just returned home from an incredible retreat. WOW!Astonished how many folks asked re my books. Reading is such a joy and I write as I am inspired to contribute what is hopefully a good story but with a heart that encourages rather than depresses.


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