Long Walks

Good day!

I don’t know about you, but I love the fog. It’s rare where I live to have a nice thick fog but I got lucky this morning.

Not my canyon but still very pretty ^_^

There is a canyon I like to jog through and veiled in fog, the path took on a mysterious feel even though I know the path well.

One of the first things I noticed as I turned into the canyon was the increase in spider webs. Maybe it is the change of the seasons and they are eager to begin their hunt but there were webs everywhere; on the ground looking like dirty cotton, on the plants and all along the fences.

As I walked, the hard sand crunched beneath my feet, the fog hugged the path and became like a tunnel. A variety of birds cried out, their songs and calls surprisingly did not conflict with each other. They were like an orchestra, each knowing their cues. One bird trilled every few seconds which reminded me of a piccolo.

The fog also reminded me of my 9th grade English teacher. There was a passage we were discussing where the main character was walking on a foggy night by a graveyard. He was alone on the street and the people were in their homes, their faces bathed in the glow of their televisions. My teacher asked us what was the tone of the story.

I said it was peaceful and calming and he immediately chastised me. I was never good with analyzing stories…

The fog, however, was great for setting the mood for my job. I use the Zombie Run! app which tells a story of survivors after the zombie apocalypse. I don’t like to exercise (I habit I’ve been trying to get out of) but I’ll do anything for a good story ^_^

I love the colorful cast of characters and hearing the moans of zombies in my ears while on a foggy road was just perfect.aria-meloetta-happy-legendary-pokemon-37772481-499-518

I probably looked funny nervously glancing over my shoulder, peering into the fog as if zombies were waiting to ambush me, but it was fun.

The question today is:

What do you do to keep yourself moving and active?


One thought on “Long Walks

  1. Interesting blog and story. I think your reasons for getting exercise are good. – exercise to be inspired…..whether in the fog and zombies as you said or along a clear and beautiful pathway where the canopy overhead is so stunning your heart, your life and the intrinsic value of keeping it maintained all kick in. Body health and creativity I truly believe must be in sinc. Cheers!


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