Dream Journals

When I get an idea, I was trick myself into thinking I’ll remember it later. I never do, but the lie continues.


The reason I bring this is up is because I scrolled through my phone and found a funny note on a dream I had.

Here is the note:

Needed to keep his teeth because it held his good traits and give them to his younger brothers. Go into the past and get adopted into the family and make sure he doesn’t die. He goes to war to become a medic and dies helping people.

I think I typed that while still half asleep.

Dreams are pretty funny, though. After reading it, I easily recalled the dream, but without the note, I doubt I would have.

I’ve tried to keep a dream journal in the past, but I can’t remember why I ever stopped. Maybe I’m just lazy in the mornings (most likely). I still have the one I began in high school and I have fun remembering those crazy tales my brain conjured up.

Maybe I’ll take it up again.








Do you keep a dream journal? And if not, would you consider writing in one?


2 thoughts on “Dream Journals

  1. Absolutely. I have kept a dream journal for many years. In actual fact cutting through the nonsense of impossible tasks I have to undertake and people I am trying to rescue ie all the ‘personal’ stuff…through the years I have also had some really profound things as well. (Now I am older and have made my life choices it is often through dreams I have known God to speak to me through a dream). Yes, a journal is a good idea…for ideas for writing but also for even ……more.

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    • Thanks for sharing Faye ^_^
      I was always skeptical of keeping a regular journal because I was always paranoid someone would read it (pretty silly), but it’s nice to take a step back and reflect on things :3


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