Hi again.

I have this horrible habit both off and on-line because when comes to not talking to people or posting something for awhile, I grow anxious and keep postponing the inevitable. Yep, that means going silent for sometimes up to a few months (I’m basically a hermit to my friends). It’s been an end to a few friendships in the past. However, I finally sucked it up to write this post…

So, hello again.

School is out for the summer but I’m playing catch up once again (yay summer terms). On the plus side, I haven’t failed any classes (yet, still crossing fingers). I’m still trying to balance writing, crocheting and school. My goal is to finally finish up my novel, I want to finish it before my birthday. I have to go edit a fanfic I’m writing with a friend, and finish up more birthday presents (and start up on Christmas so it doesn’t sneak up on me again >_<). My hand is still sore from finishing my nephew’s birthday present.


Here is my nephew’s Baymax. With ‘The Big Sleep’ for scale. I finished it about two weeks after his birthday >_< I got the pattern from BlueRabbit on Etsy. Used double strands to make him bigger. You possibly can’t tell from the light (thank goodness), but I accidentally used two different colors x-x (good thing he’s four ^^;)

I need to get back into the swing of things and I have so many posts I need to read because school left me with little time to keep up with the blogs I follow.

Also, I just ordered the Old Kingdom trilogy by Garth Nix. I’m so excited! It’s a race to finish all three books again so I can read the fourth book, Clariel (it was the only one my friend didn’t have and I just stumbled across it on amazon). This is one of my favorite fantasy series and I highly recommend it.

Have a great week and happy writing, everyone

I just love this little guy!





One thought on “So…

  1. Again I love your post. Take it all easy. Life flows too fast. Never be pressured by stuff like blogs and even other writing…..take each day…..take only little bites. Great to read your blog when you are able. Oh how rich life can be…..balance the quiet and the personal with the creative. Good journey friend!


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