New Books!

My new books came in last week! (Still waiting on one, but it’s coming from the UK, so I’ll give in another week :3 )

Behold, the Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix. I absolutely fell into love with these books 025when my friend, Lily, lent them to me. It’s been at least two years since I’ve read them and I love rediscovering all the characters once more ^_^

Sorry, nothing quite gets me excited than new books (even used ones). I was bouncing up the steps of the house, humming as I hugged the packages to my chest. Luckily, the neighbors weren’t around. My other friend Mollie has to talk me out of spending all my money on books (she doesn’t know about these yet).

027The other book I bought was Dead Men Do Tell Tales by Dr. William Maples. I was first introduced to this book in my first year of college. It was my English Lit class. We were paired up and an assigned a chapter to do a presentation on. My chapter?

Dismemberment ^_^

It might be weird but I find this subject utterly fascinating. Maybe it has to do with the dramatizing of TV shows like the X-files, Forensic Files or Dr. G (one of these things is not like the others), but its so enticing. Perhaps I’ll do a crime drama (probably not).

The funny thing is, I shy away from gore, but skeletons, I’ll take them by the dozen. I’m still trying to convince someone to go to a body farm with me, but no takers yet /:

Really, if I could go back in time I would force my younger self to become a forensic anthropologist or a pathologist instead of accounting (or really anything besides accounting).

The great thing about literature is that we aren’t bound to one life, we can choose to live many, we can be anything.

(Right when I wrote that, the Shakira song from Zootopia played in my head). Anyways, happy reading to all, my books are calling my name.


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