Almost There

With the end of June, comes the end of my first summer session. I’m going to keep the momentum going and jump start on session 2 before I fall back on old habits ^_^

June has been such a busy month between classes, late night study groups, and writing. This January, I made a goal of writing at least 500 words a day, inspired by the picture below. It was comforting, seeing my goal in mosquito bites instead of the whomping monster that it was.7495ff62a881c3cbb988006969899369

So, this came out to a monthly goal of 15,000 words. Not too hard.

Boy, was I wrong. I kept making excuses for my pathetic word counts from drowning in school work to the pressure of making birthday presents, which were never on time.

I do not know what happened this month, something in me turned on, like the cartoon light bulb above a character’s head; it hit me.

This novel was never going to finish itself if I was always in the red. I tried to carve out that hour to write. Soon, I wasn’t dreading writing for that hour, turned off the annoying-inner-editor we all have, and just wrote. So now I’m happy to say, I’ve found my system, though I did skip a few days (bad bad), I surpassed my goal by more than 10k.

It’s still a long way from the 50k we’ll need for NaNoWriMo, but I still have a few more months to practice.

As always, happy writing ^_^


2 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. I used to set writing goals like 1000 a day. It is good discipline but never write stressed because of ‘other things’. A brief sentence of inspiration written on the back of a piece of note paper at school is preferable to 1000 words written as a goal if what is written turns out not to be more than the ‘outpouring of stuff.). I had the experience yesterday when I was writing……(example only….I wrote..Nika turned from the table (ie to check on the children)…..Suddenly in my imagination I heard a telephone ring. She answered the telephone and from then on I wrote part of the story I had not even imagined. No plot no planning one thing gently led into another….now I have a whole new section of expanding story. I want to encourage you as a writer……..this flow only occurs for me when I am not stressed to have a GOAL. Be encouraged. Life is such an amazing journey and when you write the possibilities are ………WOW! (I have no desire to write like Stephen King or in fact like anyone else…I have to be my own voice…my own stories. Cheers!

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    • Thanks Faye. ^_^ You’re right, we each have our own voice; I’m still like a toddler, stumbling and trying things out. I find now that the day feels incomplete if I haven’t written anything down. I guess I’m stressed about the word counts because I’m bursting with other stories that I want to write but I can’t start them until the first is finished. We don’t know how long we have so I want to write as much as I can :3 As always, thanks for the words of encouragement 🙂


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