It is finished!

NaNoWrimo is over! (yay!)untitled

(I’m feeling just like Mokona over there). This was my second attempt and I’m so happy to report that I actually finished this time (last time I only made it to about 16k). But this year taught me a lot. There were so many days I would sit in front of the screen, the agonizing blinking of the cursor taunting me, and that’s when I had to fight myself.

It didn’t have to be perfect the first time, I know that, but I didn’t know how to stop myself from hitting the backspace button after each sentence, deleting paragraphs, or whole sections of dialogue. Finally, I told myself to just shut up and write. This was sort of my mantra this last November and it worked (surprisingly, I never listen to myself).

Are there dreadfully written parts, parts so awful I don’t want to even look at them, to shove them in a box, chained and locked, and toss into the ocean. Of course!

Will I do that?

No, ocean pollution is bad enough without adding my refuse to the pile.

Shannon Hale said, “I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shoveling sand into a box so that later I can build castles”. That’s something I had to constantly remind myself.

So I showed up every day with my shovel and piled heap after heap. There were a few ideas that pleasantly surprised me, will they stay, who knows. My novel still isn’t done, maybe another 20k or so, but now I know what my job is. Just show up, I’ll fix it when I have all the pieces in place.

My friend asked me how it felt to finish, and I told her, yea it’s great that I wrote 50k but I’m not finished, heck I’m probably only 2/3 of the way through. I know the mess I’m making and revision is that awful cloud hanging over my head. Is anything that I’ve written even salvageable? Will I have to start from scratch again?

Revision is waiting right around the corner and it makes me cringe, there is a reason I never finished stories before. I would write something, abandon it, and that was that. I have so many stories taking up space and collecting digital cobwebs. The most intensive rewriting went into my novelette, Mine, which was funny because it started off as a short story.

My first novel (last year’s failed NaNoWriMo project) is being read by my wonderful beta, Rocio, so when I get that back, more revisions!

But I’m actually excited (only for that one). At the end of NaNoWrimo, I watched James Patterson’s video on editing, he talked about rewriting as polishing the story, finding the true heart of it. I understood that at a fundamental level, but it just clicked when he said it.

So, while my novels seem like daunting tasks, I just have to remember, rewriting isn’t about beating myself up for ugly writing or making mistakes, because this process is to bring stories to their ideal form.

To everyone, I just wanna say, we’re all in this together, let’s take each story one scene at a time and let’s not lose the joy or sight of why we write.

Happy Writing!tsubasa_mokona

(now maybe I can get back to updating consistently ^_^)



2 thoughts on “It is finished!

  1. i write because I am a writer. I do not write to impress the world but hope that what I do write will touch the lives and be enjoyed by some. That is my life’s Purpose. Hope you journey well! for your interest if you ever want to check this out. I maintained this website which gives an ‘idea’ only about the ? novelette which is the beginning of the work I am currently working. http/
    Life is a journey for us all. Flow and write it is quite a road. Cheers!

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    • Hello Faye, my sentiments are the same! Writing for yourself vs writing for others makes, at least I feel, all the difference. I believe it was Kurt Vonnegut who said, “Write to please just one person. If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will get pneumonia.” and it is so true.
      And I’m excited to see what else you’ve been working on ^_^


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