One down, fifty-one more to go

So…this week has been interesting, to say the least. I’ve started the short story challenge and finished my first one. It’s not where I would like it to be, it’s not polished enough, but a new week begins today and with it must come another story. I went over my story ideas (my little plot bunnies), and I have about nine that can be short stories…Hopefully, I won’t find myself stranded after these next few weeks.

One odd thing to note is, I started this story in the past tense, like most of what  I write. Yet, when I changed the scene, it was suddenly in the present tense. So, I was like “that’s weird but fine, whatever, let’s see where this goes”. Isn’t it funny we use the past tense more than the present tense?

Anyways, it was kinda weird at first but it fit the scene nicely, like a snapshot.

Then, bam! back into the past tense…

The following scenes didn’t flow as well as that middle scene, so here came the dilemma: change everything to follow that one scene in the present tense or change that scene to past tense?

It’s unsettling that I had this issue, I felt like a grade-schooler just learning how to write. Or maybe I just could’t decided whether or not the story should be in present or past tense? (Yea, let’s go with this scenario)

(Eventually I went back and changed everything to past tense)

So, the question for this week is, which tense do you prefer to write in: present or past? Or does it depend on the story?


2 thoughts on “One down, fifty-one more to go

  1. It depends on the story but it is something I still struggle with. I am currently working on a historical novel – I have a 2016 perspective but in the now speaking of the past is past tense but when I am writing IN the past it becomes as I write the present.. (complicated you bet!). Not sure if this is understandable in your circumstances but if you are (inside) the characters as you write as opposed to some sort of narrator who is telling the whole story ie like a journalist. Oops hope something is helpful. Look forward to hearing how you journey onward and would like to read sometime snippets of your particularly type of story. Cheers!

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    • No, that makes total sense! I never saw it from that perspective of tense in respect to point of view, but now that I think about it, it makes more sense. This was the exact issue, looking back on the story, I was writing in present tense when focusing on the main character and then switched to past tense when the other characters were introduced. I guess it was like zooming out to encompass everyone else. Thanks for the insight Faye ^_^

      Good luck with your novel! I can’t wait to read this one :3


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